"吾不敢為主,而為客﹔ 不敢進寸,而退尺."

“When I am not ready to advance an inch, I will retreat a foot.” 

Lao Tzu - ancient Chinese philosopher, 531 BC

Contact Us:

For any enquiry, do send us an email: enquiry@macrowatersasia.com 

248 Tung Hip Commercial Building, 6/F Room 601 Des Voeux Rd, Central Hong Kong. 

Our firm is SFC licensed Type 9 (BLG329) and U.S NFA registered (CTA - Commodity Trading Advisor 0535513).

Besides hedge fund structure, we can run customized Managed Futures U.S 'CTA style' on global equity index, commodities, bond and currency futures to diversify via non-correlated assets and mitigate downside risks for those equity or bond only investors portfolios.  

We are always on lookout for new talents around the globe to build our team and competitive-edge to achieve our mission of innovation for all investors and be the best we can be.

For potential investors, feel free to drop us a note but we can only accept Professional Investors / Accredited Investors / Qualified Purchasers (endowments, foundations, pension, corporations, family offices & high net-worth investors).

Our monthly newsletters and track record - model portfolio are available upon request only. Some snapshots are found in our 'Competitive-Edge' section.

About Us: 

A team of passionate & unconventional investment professionals with over 30 years experience dedicated to managing money prudently by solving global macro puzzles using both 'Art & Science' and low leverage. 

Fundamental and technical analysis skills are basic requirements besides understanding economics and business. Our X-factor is integrating this with politics, history and philosophy to get better views of the macro environment. 

Our open, diverse culture & teamwork utilizes complementary skillsets to prevent 'groupthink' and filter out bad trades ideas. Over time, we like to incorporate good quantitative methods with super-fast computers to enhance our analysis and execution but retain the human creativity to find better innovative ways. 

We seek to find an answer and solution to a basic question:

Is there a way of investing to prevent losses in a bear market and profit from both bull (economic growth) and bear (economic recessions) markets?

This is a question that many investors over decades are trying to answer. Against prevailing wisdom, the answer is yes. It is the Global Macro strategy & absolute return - able to long/short in a highly tactical manner with high risk controls. Main drawback of macro-trading is performance tend to lag the 100% long only funds in a strong bull market. Obviously, not all macro funds can do as well in all situations.

We know it is not a perfect answer like all solutions, but it has reasonably good track record over last 40 years especially in times of crisis on average (evidence available upon request). 

A lesser known fact is institutions like endowments, foundations, family office and pension funds had invested in macro funds over the last few decades.

Our Goals:

Ultimately, we provide a unique differentiated solution that aim to protect capital and grow at attractive risk-adjusted returns consistently and with limited downside in 'both bull & bear markets'. People and good systems are key; investors needs may vary and we are happy to discuss a spectrum of solutions.

The unique position for us is to attempt to stay resilient in market downtrends as we learn and grow as a firm over time to know 'there is a way' to survive and thrive over time.

Our Vision:

To build the most resilient & advanced alternative investment firm managing capital for good causes in bull & bear markets. 

To realize the vision, we focus on our core values, mission & investment process.

Markets are as old as the hills:

Time has not changed over eternity, only devices to tell time have. Similarly, financial markets have not changed over time, only instruments to invest have.

We want to uncover the 'fundamental truths of investing' - demand & supply, fear & greed, booms & busts, economic growth & contractions, corporate innovation & obsolescence.

Thus, our competitive-edge & investment philosophy gives us a robust framework for better analysis & decision-making. In addition, the humility to admit and rectify mistakes early, ability to recognize the complexity of market risks and the need to adapt via continual learning are keys to long-term success. It is important we build a learning organisation to learn from mistakes and find new solutions constantly.

Below are some examples of interesting clocks over centuries using various methods to tell time:

Our Core Values:

HUMILITY - Reflect & learn from mistakes and those better than us.

INNOVATION - We think different to create better solutions.

PERSEVERANCE - Persist with resilience when others give up as things get hard.

ADAPTABILITY - Flow like water but yet agile and resourceful.

INTEGRITY - Reputation is priceless that money cannot buy.

RESPONSIBILITY - Keep our commitments to clients, employees, society and the environment.

HIP-AIR: Hip denotes 'trendy & advanced' and Air denotes 'take off or fly'. Our core values help us to adapt and stay with new trends to succeed for our clients.

"Success of our Investors is our success." 

Our Mission:

Making Innovative Investments for Investors (MIIFI).

Protect & Grow our client's capital by being adaptable, agile and resourceful.

Our Investment Process:

Preserve*Grow*Adapt (PGA)

Proprietary '5x20' Dynamic Multi-Asset Allocation model to ride 'Boom & Bust' market cycles

ESG and SRI:

We believe in Environment, Social & Governance, ESG & Social Responsible Investing, SRI as per guidelines by UN. Green technologies, AI & IOT applications, Biotech & Biomedical innovations are key areas we are highly interested in as they are the future of the world.

Asian-U.S focus:

We are a multi-asset specialist in both US and Asia markets such that both sides can mutually diversify into less correlated income streams to reduce risk. Future plans to expand internationally are in line with our perspective that Asia-China growth will become the fastest outside U.S.

Professional Service Providers:

We use reputable and international service providers like audit firm, fund administrator, law firm and banks to meet the highest standards of regulatory and corporate governance.


拥有超过30年经验的热情和非常规投资专业人员团队致力于通过使用“艺术与科学”和低杠杆解决全球宏观难题,审慎地管理货币。   基础和技术分析技能是除了了解经济和业务之外的基本要求。我们的X因子正在将这与政治,历史和哲学相结合,以获得更好的宏观环境。   我们开放,多元化的文化和团队合作利用互补的技能,防止“集体思考”和过滤掉坏的交易想法。(我们是香港证监会第9类持牌公司及美国证券交易委员会注册豁免申报顾问)  







最终,我们提供了一个独特的差异化解决方案,旨在保护资本并持续增加风险调整后的收益,同时在“牛市和熊市”都有有限的下行空间。 这是一个利基地区,传统投资不能填补,因为市场下跌导致投资者的损失。这是我们喜欢的投资者的一个教育领域,“有一条路”。  


帮助禀赋,基金会,养老金,公司和高净值投资者保护和增长他们的财富随着时间的推移,创造一个良性循环,增加价值的正反馈循环。   我们相信,当这些机构和个人随着时间增长资本时,财富效应将导致改善的医疗保健,更好的教育和赋予社会权力。  








未来计划扩展到韩国和新加坡符合我们的替代投资愿景的亚洲枢纽,亚洲 - 中国的增长将成为世界上最快的。  



Disclaimer: All information is strictly for Professional Investors and not meant to be a sale, advice or marketing of any product or service. No information here is allowed to be duplicated nor forwarded and belong to Macrowaters Asia Fund Management. We will not hesitate to take legal action according to copyright laws. All charts and performance metrics (gross returns before fees) are based on our actual model portfolio for illustration and not indicative of future performance. Past performance does not guarantee nor indicate future performance. Investment in financial markets involves all kinds of risks  and may result in losses.



老子 - 古代中国哲学家,公元前531年


对于所有查询,请给我们发电子邮件:enquiry@macrowatersasia.com 我们一直在寻找全球新的人才来建立我们的团队和竞争优势。我们在香港的办公地址将很快更新。 对于潜在投资者,欢迎所有查询,但必须符合专业投资者/认可投资者指南。 我们的季度通讯和追踪记录 - 模型组合.


时间没有改变永恒,只有设备告诉时间有。同样,金融市场也没有随时间变化,只有投资的工具。 我们想要揭开“投资的基本真理” - 需求和供应,恐惧和贪婪,繁荣和萧条,经济增长和收缩,企业创新和过时。   因此,我们的竞争优势和投资理念为我们提供了一个强大的框架,更好的分析和决策。此外,早期承认和纠正错误的谦卑,识别市场风险的复杂性的能力以及通过持续学习适应的需要是长期成功的关键。